Masaharu Fukuyama’s First Asia Performance, A Great Success



The <FUKUYAMA MASAHARU WE’RE BROS.TOUR 2014 in>ASIA>, Masaharu Fukuyama’s first Asia performance was held on June 14th in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, along with the Taiwan Performance on the 7th with 12,000 audiences in Taipei Arena.

Starting with the ballad song “Beautiful life”, he performed hit songs such as “Saiai”, “Kazoku ni Narouyo”, singing a total of 20 songs.

He also tried singing in Chinese. During the ballad song “Akatsuki” recorded in the new album “HUMAN”, he sang the high point of the song in Mandarin. Fans calling out “Masha~!”, his nickname used also by the fans in Japan, gave him a thundering applause.

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