Kidori Kidori Release a New EP from a New Label.



Kidori Kidori has played monthly at Shelter Shimokitazawa for three months and they announced the movement to a new label and the release of a new EP.

This fourth album distributed nationwide is titled “El Blanco2” and its concept follows the previous album “El Blanco”.
The total of six songs include “Come Together”, written when they decided to come to Tokyo, “Mass Murder” a song from the single exclusively sold at the show venues, and “99 %” from the vinyl exclusively sold at the venues for three months.

Also, starting with this EP, they will move the label from their own “Polka Dot” to HIL LAND MUSIC”. With the new label, their music will be shared even more.

The English lyric doesn’t sound like Japanese English but at the same time it’s different from that of native speakers’, which makes them unique and brings fans to their music.
Unfortunately, they have lost a member right after coming to Tokyo, but after going through this difficulty their determination and bond is even stronger. Please keep an eye on Kidori Kidori.

disk info
August 13th 2014 release
“El Blanco 2”
RDCA-1035 ¥1,700(tax not included)
HIP LAND MUSIC / Polka Dot records
M1. Zombie Shooting
M2. Mass Murder
M3. Come Together
M4. 99%
M5. El Blanco