[Live report] Yuzu plays their hit song. “We were waiting!” “Please sing along!” — “JAPAN NIGHT” DAY 1



Day one of “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Kyogijo FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, titled “Yell for Japan”, was held on May 28. This is the live report for Yuzu.

“JAPAN NIGHT” went into an interlude. The big screen showed the smiling faces of the audience who welcomed Japan’s top artists.

The next artist to take the stage was Yuzu.

As the intro music played, Yuzu yelled out, “We were waiting!” They started with “EIKO NO KAKEHASHI”. It was a song that everybody wanted to hear at this stadium that held so many memorable events. “We are so happy to be able to perform ‘EIKO NO KAKEHASHI’ at this sports holy land that has held so many legendary events.” Yujin Kitagawa shouted, “Please sing with us!” during the chorus. The crowd obliged and joined in a sing-along. It was a spectacular sight to behold.

“Good evening, we’re Yuzu! How are you? We’re so happy to take part in today’s event. But we have to apologize to you about something. We were scheduled to go home after playing this one song, “EIKO NO KAKEHASHI”. But you are all amazing, the band is amazing, and there is a live viewing of the event in Northeast Japan! Can we play one more song?”

The audience, of course, cheered when hearing these words. After a call-and-response of “1,2… 1,2,3, Kokuritsu!”, Yuzu went into intro of “NATSUIRO” As seven colors of fireworks shot off into the sky, the energy level of the audience went up even more. Yuzu-colored lights swayed throughout the stadium.

The crowd shouted, “One more!” Yuzu responded, “This is our first time playing at Kokuritsu. But it is also our last time. So, can we do it once more?” They played the chorus again and gave the crowd a taste of summer.

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