[Live Report] Sukima Switch’s Magnificient Opening at “JAPAN NIGHT” Day 1



The first day of the final musical event at the National Olympic Stadium, “SAYONARA Kokuritsu Gyogijou FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT,” entitled “Yell for Japan,” was held on May 28. We would like to bring you a report of Sukima Switch’s performance.

Following a video about the history of the National Olympic Stadium and a ceremony of lighting the “Olympic” flame, the performance began. Getting the ball rolling for the two-day event was Sukima Switch.

“Hello, this is Sukima Switch! Welcome to ‘JAPAN NIGHT’!”

Following the words by Takuya Ohashi came the song “Zenryoku Shounen,” which features Shintaro Tokita’s piano. The subdued intro that seemed to call forth the spring breeze brought forth an excited cheer from the venue that can hold 50,000 people. At the same time, a countless number of red balloons were released to the heavens. The opening was pleasant as the balloons that soared into the sky seemed to match with the lyrics.

Ohashi and Tokita were smiling from the beginning to the end of the performance. Their carefree band ensemble resounded through the venue as they seemed to be enjoying their big moment.

Ohashi made his way out onto the runway that was about 100 meters long and stretched out his arms. Tokita grooved as he synchronized with the Yell For Japan special band, spearheaded by Seiji Kameda. They gave a performance fitting to the title of their song, “Zenryoku” (all one’s power) “Shounen” (boys). Sukima Switch created a magnificent opening for “JAPAN NIGHT ‘Yell For Japan.'”

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