girugämesh’s European Tour Tickets Continue To Sell Out



girugämesh, who is currently sprinting through their memorial, 10th anniversary year, will be holding their European tour < girugämesh 2014 Europe tour “MONSTER”> beginning end of May. Apparently, people in various places within Europe have been battling it out to get their hands on tickets.

Three times in the past, girugämesh have held overseas tours including Europe and The US. Through consistent performances overseas, the band has earned a steady fan base outside of the country. As proof of their popularity, out of the 13 shows scheduled to be held, tickets for Paris, Berlin and Essen shows for < girugämesh 2014 Europe tour “MONSTER”> have all sold out. Many of the tickets for the other shows are soon to be sold out, further emphasizing the popularity of the band overseas.

After experiencing yet another tour overseas, we can expect the band to have stepped up to the next level by the time they make their triumphant return to Japan. The band is on their way up to becoming a “MONSTER” band, and as the first bout of that endeavor, girugämesh left for Russia today, May 23.

As it has been announced already, the multi-genre live event will be held centered around girugämesh. Furthermore, would be held at Shibuya WWW, on September 6, for two days. Don’t miss out to witness the new and upgraded version of the band after coming back from their overseas tour.

Members-only tickets for the event are available for purchase on girugämesh’s mobile fanclub site “GMFC”. In addition to tickets for each day, 2-day tickets are exclusively available for “GMFC” members. The offer would end on June 9.

girugamesh 2014 Europe tour “MONSTER”
May 24 (Sat) Moscow Hall (Moscow, Russia)
May 25 (Sun) Zal Ozhidaniya (St Petersburg, Russia)
May 27 (Tue) Szene (Vienna, Austria)
May 28 (Wed) Club 202 (Budapest, Hungary)
May 30 (Fri) Backstage (Munich, Germany)
May 31 (Sat) Colos-Saal (Aschaffenburg, Germany)
June 1 (Sun) Divan du Monde (Paris, France)
June 3 (Tue) Ninkasi Kao (Lyon, France)
June 5 (Thur) Proxima (Warsaw, Poland)
June 6 (Fri) Zeche Carl (Essen, Germany)
June 7 (Sat) LIDO (Berlin, Germany)
June 9 (Mon) O2 Academy Inslington (London, UK)
June 11 (Wed) Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland)

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