Amazarashi Announced a Story-teller Premium Show Exclusively for One Night



amazarashi is a band based in Aomori formed by Hiromu Akita and his fellow musicians, and they announced on their web that will throw a story-teller premium show “amazarashi Premium Live Senbun no Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight” ” at Tokyo Dome City Hall on September 9th (Tue).

This show will be held under the name of “amazarashi”, their band name from indie days, and this will be a new type of live show featuring a story Akita has written for the show “Sembunnno Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight” ”, surrounding the two main characters, Tomazo and Johan. And the story will be told with string and rhythm sections.

The special page on the web published the first half of the first chapter with illustration by YKBX. This story will be updated regularly until the show on September 9th.

You can book the tickets to this show on the page now.

Sembunnno Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight” First Chapter 1/2
Passion, hope, I don’t care. But we shouldn’t stay here.

The heat from the ground wrapped them like a blanket when they set foot on the first platform of Antares station. Tomazo frowned from the disgust.
“It’s almost like summer”, says Johan, looking up at the sun pillar.

The platform on the hill commands the downtown of the planet filled with mid-height buildings spreading till the horizon and Tomazo often lost words at the sight.

In some spots, there were trees about the same height of the buildings, and also some greens looking like farming fields, making the planet look like a big city and , at the same time, like some plain country town where he was born. Above all, Tomazo was surprised to find the horizon being a straight line instead of a steep curve.

Amazarashi Premium Live Sembunnno Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight” Special website

Amazarashi Sembunnno Ichiya Monogatari “Starlight”
Venue : Tokyo Dome City Hall
OPEN / START 18:00 / 19:00
Ticket Price : Adv ¥5,000(Tax in/ Drink Not Included) Door ¥6,000(Tax in/ Drink Not Included)
All Seats Reserved
《Contact》Hot Stuff Promotion 03-5720-9999

Official Website Presale
Presale Available May 23rd 2014 (Fri) 12 PM-June 8th 2014 (Sun) 6PM

Official Mobile Website Apologies Presale(Smart Phones, Future Phones)
Available until May 25th 2014 (Sun) 6PM
(amazarashi profile)
amazarashi is formed by Hiromu Akita and his fellow musicians.
Since their debut in 2010, amazarashi has never made media appearance, but their performance with strong lyrical concept that looks for hope from desperation and CG animation created a big buzz. All of their seven CDs have been long sellers.

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