SOLIDEMO, Asia Debut! Fascinate Audience in Big Fes. of Thailand



SOLIDEMO attended “TOKYO GIRLS TOWN(TGT)”in Thailand on May 10th. This was their first overseas live.

TGT is a new project created by “Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC),” teams up with Thailand’s largest culture event, “Thailand Comic Con 2014” backed up by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a part of Cool Japan. The executive producer Osamu Suzuki, who is a broadcast writer, says “the word ‘kawaii’ has become popular throughout the world, so from now I want to export the word ‘ikemen’ out to the world.”, and SOLIDEMO was chosen to fulfill the role.

SOLIDEMO is a handsome(ikemen) Japanese group with a goal of “a made in Japan artist active throughout Asia”, and their major debut was in April. They have shown their ikemen-ness in different venues of TGC as the “official ‘host'”.

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