X JAPAN Performing at Madison Square Garden and Releasing the First Best Album Distributed World-wide.



The leader of X JAPAN, YOSHIKI announced a delightful news for fans in the middle of his solo world tour, “YOSHIKI Classical World Tour” (13 shows in 10 countries).

Starting from Costa Mesa in USA (April 25th), the tour is going to San Francisco, Mexico, Moscow, Berlin, Paris , London, Shang-hi, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo and Osaka. The chemistry of YOSHIKI’s piano, strings, and guest vocal has been drawing fans attention from all over the world. He also performed the theme song of “Saint Seiya LEGEND of SANCTUARY”, which he recently composed for the movie.

The Costa Mesa show on April 25th welcomed SUGIZO as a surprise guest, and the show on April 28th featured TOSHI from X Japan. While the big applause from the audience went on in excitement , YOSHIKI and TOSHI performed X JAPAN’s hit song “tears”.

After their first show at Tokyo Dome in 1991, X JAPAN became the first Japanese artist that performed at Tokyo Dome for three nights in a row. They have drawn total of more than one million people to Tokyo Dome for the past 18 shows. X JAPAN also has successfully played and toured in Asian countries in 2009 (3 countries for 5 shows), at Nissan Stadium and North America tour , Europe tour (4 countries and 4 shows) , “South American Tour” (5 countries 5 shows) and their second Asian show (4 countries for 5 shows) in 2011. This worldly known rock band has finished their second Asian Tour ( 19 countries and 25 shows), is now ready to perform again for the first times after 3 years.

This will be their first Madison Square garden show and YOSHIKI made the following comment on this epoch-making show!

YOSHIKI ‘s Comment
“While I’ve been traveling around the world for YOSHIKI Classical World Tour, X JAPAN has also been moving forward, overcoming all the difficulties we’ve faced. It’s been my dream for a few years to perform at Madison Square Garden, and so I’m really looking forward to it. Besides my solo career, I will keep myself busy as the leader of X JAPAN. Please keep supporting us!”

We have received messages from X JAPAN members and Yuji Matsumoto from HIDE’s office.

ToshI “I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in NY!”

PATA “I’M excited about playing at my dream MSG stage!”

HEATH “The show at MSG has been one of my dreams since I started this band. I’m so excited. I’ll do my best to make to make it an epic day in both X Japan and Rock’s history that everyone will talk about for years to come.”

SUGIZO “I will devote all of myself into the NY show for the first step in X JAPAN’s reunion history. I want all our fans in the world to get together. Looking forward to seeing all of you!”

Yuji Matsumoto from HIDE’s Office “Congratulations of NY Madison Square Garden Show! I’m sure HIDE will be standing on the stage with the best smile. Please stay the unbeatable X JAPAN and stay with all the fans in the world.”
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Hiroshi Matsumoto

YOSHIKI Classical World Tour San Francisco Performance Set List
2.Forever Love
3.Golden Globe Theme 4.Rosa
7.Anniversary 8.Amethyst
9.*Swan Lake(Tchaikovsky)
10.*Birthday Song
12.Without You
14.New Song
15.Endloss Rain
16.Say Anything(Curtain Call)
*All songs composed by Yoshiki except “Swan Lake”(Tchaikovsky) and “Birthday Song”

Also, it has been announced that a best album with the world-wide distribution will be released.

2014 will mark the 25th anniversary in X JAPAN’S history since the major debut in 1989, and the world-wide best album will be released. X JAPAN’s hit songs will be all remastered and “Without you”, a song written for Hide but has not been released , will be included as a live version.

The first limited edition will include “World Tour Trailer” , which is a collections of footage from the world tour from 2009 to 2011. You will be rocked to see how the sensational X JAPAN’s world tour overwhelmed the audience and how the audience reacted back with the same amount of energy. The footage is full of madness and emotions. You can witness X JAPAN’s global career in this video. Also, it will be interesting how the stage art and performance changes country to country.

“X JAPAN WORLD BEST CD” will be distributed at iTunes®Store on May 21th before the physical CD release in 111 countries with a bit of modification from the physical version.

THE WORLD~X JAPAN Hatsuno Sekai Best~
Release Date :2014.6.17(Tue)
First Limited Deluxe BOX (2CD+1DVD+60Photobook)
Product ID: WPZL-30826/8 Regular Version (2CD)
Product ID:WPCL-11780/1

(CD1)First Limited Edition/Regular Version Include
1.Silent Jealousy (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
2.Rusty Nail (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
3.SCARS (Lyrics/Music:HIDE Arrangement:X JAPAN)
4.ENDLESS RAIN(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
5.WEEK END(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
6.Kurenai(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X)
7.Forever Love(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
8.DAHLIA(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
9.X(THE LAST LIVE~Saigo no Yoru~ LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics:Hitomi Shiratori Music:X)
10.Without you(LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics/Music/ Arrangement:YOSHIKI)

(CD2) First Limited Edition/Regular Version Include
1.ART OF LIFE(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
Music:Arranged by YOSHIKI

(DVD)Only First Limited Edition Includes Exclusive Trailer of X JAPAN World Tour Live 2009, 2010 & 2011

(Photo book) Only in First Limited Edition Deluxe 60P!!X JAPAN World Tour Selection 2009, 2010 & 2011

Release Date:2014.5.21(Wed)

1.Rusty Nail (Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
2.SCARS (Lyrics/Music:HIDE Arrangement:X JAPAN)
3.Forever Love(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
4.DAHLIA(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
5.X(THE LAST LIVE~Saigo no Yoru~ LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics:Hitomi Shiratori Music:X)
6. Without you(LIVE VERSION)(Lyrics/Music/ Arrangement:YOSHIKI)
7.ART OF LIFE(Lyrics/Music:YOSHIKI Arrangement:X JAPAN)
Music:Arranged by YOSHIKI

YOSHIKI Classical World Tour Info “YOSHIKI CLASSICAL WORLD TOUR 2014” Part 1
April 25th United States
April 28th United States
May 3rd Mexico
May 21th Russia
May 23rd Germany
May 26th France
May 29th United Kingdom
June 6th China
June 8th China
June 10th Thailand
June 13th Taiwan
June 16th Japan
June 17th Japan

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