Miki Furukawa


Miki Furukawa is a Japanese rock musician. She was the bassist and backing vocals for the now disbanded SUPERCAR. Since the band’s split in 2005, she has started releasing solo music and has collaborated with many artists.
Furukawa was the founding member of SUPERCAR. She started the band by putting an ad for band try-outs in a local Aomori newspaper. They made their major debut in 1997 with the single “cream soda”. After their disbanding in February 2005 Furukawa began to participate with the work of other musicians. She has also worked on the art for many commercials and even done some fashion modeling for magazines.
Furukawa made her solo debut as 「Miki Furukawa」 in June 2006 with the single “Coffee & SingingGirl!!!”. She released her solo debut album less than a month later. Since then her releases have become more sporadic; “Psycho A*rika” was her only release in 2007. Aside from not releasing often, she still manages to regularly perform and was even a featured artist at ROCK IN JAPAN 2007.
In February of 2008, Furukawa will be releasing her third single, “Candy Girl”. The song is a collaboration with the Candy Stripper clothing brand, which will tie in with the single’s cover art.
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