US Debut in September! Mysterious Band of Wolves: Identities and Nationalities Unknown MAN WITH A MISSION Releases Legendary Free Live Movie by using 75 Sony’s Music Video Recorders!



Boasting their high popularity not only in Japan but also all over the world, MAN WITH A MISSION is a mysterious rock band, whose identities and nationalities are not known. They have newly released their legendary free live movie held in Tokyo using 75 Sony’s Music Video Recorders (MVRs), HD video camcorder with high-sound-quality. The live movie for a new song “higher” has become a wonderful one by successfully packing the fresh live atmosphere into the movie.

The unique feature of Sony’s Music Video Recorders is to allow us to share and upload with a high-quality sound and image right at a shooting place, and a recording level function with adjustable fine tuning and external input terminal. As the result, “higher” has become a movie in high quality just like a regular professional shot. Especially, the bullet time shooting with MVRs surrounding a drum kit gives us a high realistic sensation and also makes us imagine a new potential of live movie.

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