BABYMETAL’s Does Legendary Performance at Budokan, Announces Europe Tour



On March 1 and 2, BABYMETAL held two days of performances at Nippon Budokan, the youngest-ever female artists to hold performances at the large venue.

BABYMETAL’s first, self-titled album reached number one on the Oricon Album Daily Chart. BABYMETAL has been active since 2010, centered upon the theme of “the fusion of metal and idols.” Their songs that can be appreciated by music fans and skilled singing and dance performances have become a hot topic of conversation and their one-man performances consistently sell out in one day. They have also performed at many large-scale rock festivals such as “SUMMER SONIC” and “LOUD PARK.” Also, every time they upload videos on YouTube, they garner attention and comments from users outside of Japan, and recently they have even begun to appear in on foreign music news websites. Their album “BABYMETAL” reached number one or two on the iTunes Store metal charts in America, England, and Germany, and number one on rock charts in countries such as Taiwan and Indonesia, proof positive of their growing popularity outside of Japan.

In the midst of this growing popularity, they held their Nippon Budokan performances. In the center of the venue was constructed a square stage broken up into eight parts, reminiscent of a giant magic square. Surrounding the stage was a standing arena area, and in front of, next to, and behind the stage were coliseum-type guest seats. The whole venue had the feeling of a giant magic square at which a ceremony was about to take place. The March 1 performance was titled “Akai Yoru LEGEND ‘Kyodai Corset Matsuri’~Tenka Ichi Metal Budokai Final~,” at which all of the spectators participated in the live by wearing neck braces. They performed a total of thirteen songs, with no MCs and no encore, accompanied by their live band.

On March 2, BABYMETAL held a show entitled “Kuroi Yoru LEGEND ‘DOOMSDAY’ ~Shoukan no Gi~.” They projected a story movie on the screen before the members appeared onstage along with the deep rhythm of the first song “BABYMETAL DEATH,” and all at once the voltage in the venue reached a climax. YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL performed a new song as BLACK BABYMETAL entitled “4 no Uta,” calling out “4! 4!” the audience in Budokan becoming one as they returned the call. As flames burst up during “Akatsuki,” SU-METAL gave an overwhelming performance with the back band, garnering delighted cheers from the crowd. YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL excited the audience during “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” by sprinting down a pathway on the stage. SU-METAL’s strong performance displayed her power as a vocalist.

Then the story movie once more played on the screen. The audience is without a doubt looking forward to seeing BABYMETAL’s fate in the future. When performing their debut song, “Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning,” they reproduced a scene from the music video using the giant magic square inside Nippon Budokan. During their last song, “Headbanger!” both the members and the audience called out, “Headbang!” with all their strength.

Looking back on all of BABYMETAL’s previous LEGEND story movies, at Nippon Budokan they announced that the first chapter of their “metal resistance” in Japan will come to an end.

BABYMETAL will be moving on to the next stage, traveling to a distant land in order to hone their skills. The show ended magnificently with red coffins descending from above, as if from heaven, the members in their dazzling outfits getting into the coffins before they ascended once more.

On the screen appeared the words “LEGEND ‘Y’ YUIMETAL Seitansai, LEGEND ‘M’ MOAMETAL Setansai in EUROPE,” and the audience all at once broke out into cheers. BABYMETAL will be truly making a journey overseas. It is time for the metal resistance to cross the ocean.

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