INORAN Opens Special Page for New EP “Somewhere”



As LUNA SEA celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary in 2014, guitarist INORAN will release a new solo EP on March 19. He has now opened a special page for the EP, “Somehwere.”

The music video for the lead song on the EP, “Sakura,” is available on the page. Art director Masayoshi Kodaira was responsible for both the CD jacket and the direction of the music video, and both the video and the CD jacket are based on the motif of a collage, beautifully depicting many of INORAN’s expressions as well as the four seasons.

Samples of the five songs on the EP are also available on the special site. INORAN’s mellow rock sound is a must-listen, even if you are not yet an INORAN fan. Even prior to the release, the full picture of the EP is coming together. We look forward to any follow-up information.

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