MAN WITH A MISSION shoots the music video for their lead single in Los Angeles



MAN WITH A MISSION’s “Evils Fall” music has been completed. The song is off of their upcoming March 12 release, “Tales of Purefly”.

“Evils Fall” is the second track on the album, and its aggressive sound ignites a spark as their leadoff single. The video was shot into the early hours of the morning in Los Angeles. Bridges in downtown were blocked off with the help of local police. The sight of the five band members walking across the blocked off bridge looks like it is straight out of a movie.

The band also shot performance footage in a giant warehouse that is normally used for Hollywood films. The intense performance looks nothing like a staged music video shoot as it comes across the screen. A set was also built inside the warehouse where the five band members do some acting for the video.

“Evils Fall” has also been chosen to be the theme song for TV drama “BORDER”, which will start in April. The “BORDER” official website has the song playing in the background for the show trailer. The details of the music were not announced when the TV show trailer was released. It was only recently that they announced the song was, in fact, “Evils Fall” by MAN WITH A MISSION.

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