Perfume Performs at KKBOX Music Awards in Taiwan



Perfume performed as a special guest at the 9th KKBOX Digital Music Awards at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan on February 22, guiding the audience in Taiwan into a vortex of wild enthusiasm.

Having begun in Taiwan, KKBOX is the largest music distribution service in Asia, serving over ten million members in countries all over Asia. The KKBOX Digital Music Awards gather together top artists from Chinese-speaking countries as well as artists from Japan and other Asian nations. Perfume, who is popular in Taiwan as well, was invited to perform at the event.

Perfume’s albums, including their newest entitled “LEVEL3,” have been released in Taiwan, gaining them popularity in the country. When Perfume digitally released their songs on KKBOX in 2012, they took number 1 on the J-Pop album charts for two straight weeks. This was Perfume’s first performance in Taiwan since they played the Taiwan stop of their first world tour in October of 2012, the tickets for which sold out in only one day. Perfume dazzled the audience, receiving a warm-welcome from the arena packed with about ten thousand people during their long-awaited performance.

The stage at the Taipei Arena has large LED lights and lasers installed, and the enjoyment of the audience seemed to rise in response to the wonderful performance and lighting. Perfume was announced as a special guest and they were greeted by loud cheers and applause as they took the stage. They began their performance with “Magic of Love.” The spirits of the audience at once reached a peak, the whole audience trembling with excitement. They members prepared gorgeous Asian-inspired costumes with red accents for the show, and their dignified appearance added something special to their live performance.

Moving to a portion of the stage in the middle of the audience seating, Perfume performed “Chocolate Disco.” The members chose to perform this song, which is the core of many of their live shows, in order to enjoy themselves along with the people in Taiwan. The audience was unable to take their eyes off the members as they danced perfectly in sync.

Because the performance was outside Japan, there were likely a lot of people seeing Perfume for the first time, but the audience seemed to enjoy themselves so much that that fact was not at all apparent. It was a short amount of time, but Perfume shared a great feeling of unity with the fans in Taiwan, and the members left the stage with a feeling of regret at having to say goodbye to the audience that had welcomed them so warmly.

Perfume will be holding their second multi-band tour within Japan, “Perfume FES!! 2014,” starting in March. On April 9, they will be releasing the DVD and Blu-ray of their December 2013 performance at Tokyo Dome “Perfume 4th Tour in DOME ‘LEVEL3.'” The DVD is scheduled to be released in countries all over the world, including in Taiwan.

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