Eiko Ishibashi, More Info. about Her First Original Album since Her World Debut with Drag City


Eiko Ishibashi

More information was released about Eiko Ishibashi`s original album “car and freezer” being released for the first time since her world debut from Drag City, the prestigious Label of Chicago.

The Last piece “imitation of life” released in June of 2012 was released from the prestigious Chicago Label “Drag City”. It was picked up by main overseas media such as the New York Times of US and the Guardian of UK, and her immeasurable talent has began to be appraised across the ocean. The new piece pursues the hip hop music which she ponders on. Jim O’Rourke, who she has absolute trust in produced this piece as well, and the band that plays the perfect ensemble “Mo Shinda Hitotachi (Already Dead People)“ (Jim O’Rourke,Toshiaki Sudoh, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Atsuko Hatano) also participated fully. The sale of a combination of two pieces, one sung with the Japanese lyric written by Kenta Maeno and the other, English lyric written by herself with a totally different content is also attention attracting.

Photos shot by Seiji Shibuya was then designed by Yutaka Kimura (Central67), the artwork critical for her piece. The world of sound is perfectly and beautifully depicted visually on it.

car and freezer
2CD PECF-1090~1(cap-194)2,600 yen + tax

[DISC1 : Japanese]
01. Taikutu na Monogatari
02. Shio wo Nameru
03. Watashi no Little Princess
04. Toki wo Tsugete
05. Enryodane
06. Gorilla no Se
07. Rap Top Blues
08. Osanaikoro, Asona Umi wa

[DISC2 : English]
01. there’s a river
02. car and freezer
03. memory and dust
05. a part of your life
06. borderline in shadow
07. waiting sign
08. tonight

[Produce Music・Record]
Jim O’Rourke

[Participating Artists]
Mo Shinda Hitotachi (Jim O’Rourke, Toshiaki Sudoh, Tatsuhiko Yamamoto, Atsuko Hatano) / Daisuke Takaoka / U-zhaan / Shinpei Ruike / Kafka / Kenta Maeno

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