SuG × SPINNS Collaboration Starts & Limited Distribution Of Original Collaboration Music Video



SuG began a special collaboration with the Harajuku-style casual fashion shop chain “SPINNS” on January 31.

With Takeru, the vocalist for SuG, originally working as a model for the Harajuku-style fashion magazine “KERA” and owning his own original brand, SuG has had a renowned fashion sense. As a part of this time’s collaboration project, SuG will be jacking the signboards at “SPINNS Shinsaibashi” and “SPINNS Nagoya” beginning January 31. Furthermore, beginning February 24, SuG would be featured on the signboard at “SPINNS Harajuku Part 2”, located in Harajuku –SuG’s sanctuary-, and on every shopping bag distributed from SPINNS across the nation.

The collaboration shopping bag holds the key to a special feature in which if you launch the special application on your mobile phone and hold it up to the bag, it will enable you to watch a “SuG×SPINNS Special Music Video”. Details will be revealed via the shopping bag that will begin distribution on February 14, so if you are interested, don’t forget to go to a SPINNS shop near you. Perhaps, it’s a Valentines Day present from SuG.

Numerous tie-ups are being confirmed for SuG’s new single “MISSING”, which will be released on February 19. As of now, the song is scheduled to be aired as opening tracks for the February broadcasts of the TV program “Break Out” and “HOT WAVE”, the ending theme songs for the February broadcasts of “Yasuda no Arukikata” and “Onten♪”.

April 19 (Sat), [Taiwan] the WALL
April 20 (Sun), [Hong Kong] E-MAX
April 26 (Sat), [Korea] Soundholic City
April 27 (Sun), [Korea] Soundholic City

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