AKI AKANE Collaboration on MV with 17 Year Old No.1 US Singer Lorde



The collaboration of multi-creator AKI AKANE and the currently popular US singer Lorde was announced.

Lorde is a female singer from New Zealand and is only 17, yet has been at the top of the Billboard Chart for 9 weeks in a row, and nominated for the Grammy Awards in 4 sections. Her Japan Debut will be on February 19th. The song “Royals”, being No.1 in the US and the UK and a hit around the world, its lyrics has earned much sympathy from many teens her age, and its effects are wide spread.

Along with the debut in Japan, Labels had a strong feeling of wanting to convey her world and the message incorporated in this song to Japan, with a different language. This caused them to decide to create an original MV for Japan. AKI AKANE was chosen for this role, and so this collaboration was realized finally.

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