Rapper ANARCHY Major Debuts on avex



ANARCHY has signed a contract with avex, and it has been announced that he will be making his major debut.

ANARCHY hails from Kyoto and has already released 4 albums as an indie artist. His newest album “DGKA,” which was released in November of 2013, reached number one on a weekly chart on an American music download website, and now he will be making his major debut.

It has also been announced that avex has established a label geared toward popularizing hip-hop. The label is called “CLOUD 9 CLIQUE,” and ANARCHY is the first artist to join the label.

On the avex official ANARCHY website, which was opened on New Year’s Day, there is a video available in which viewers can watch ANARCHY dealing with the contract with the R-RATED staff. Furthermore, information regarding his major debut was published in the February issue of the magazine “411,” which went on sale on January 10.

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