Tokyo Karankoron takes part in a special streaming on UST on the evening of the 15th



Tokyo Karankoron’s first engagement in the new year is the special program, ‘Karako’s room – spring special’ on 15th January from 21:00 which will be streamed on USTREAM.

Karankoron’s USTREAM programs always have special content that gets people talking. Just like last time, it will be streamed on Space shower TV’s Ustream channel and wil be available on the official smartphone app.

This time Sensei will be the MC, and all 4 members will be invited to ‘Karako’s room’. With the wish to make ’14 a year for new and exciting things, Sensei will have topics ready for every member.

There will also be an acoustic live session, so make sure you don’t miss this!

Tokyo Karankoron Ustream Special Program “Karako`s Room Spring Special”
Distribution Date: Jan. 15th (Wed.) From 21:00
Hashtag: #sstv_ch1

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