Takuya Kuroda Releases an Album as the First Japanese Artist Signed with US Blue Note Records



A Jazz trumpet player, Takuya Kuroda returned to Japan for a show, and his major debut album is to be released on February 5th.

Takuya Kuroda is a Jazz trumpet player based in New York. He moved to New York by himself 10 years ago and performed as a versatile player including playing for Jose James.

Takuya had a solo show on December 27th with his own band.

He is the first Japanese artist signed with the renowned jazz label, Blue Note Records, and is to release his major debut album “Rising Son”. The venue was filled with fans who wanted to check out this upcoming jazz player.

The event was titled “Takuya Kuroda & Aces”, and as the title says, musicians and Djs who are close to him got together to create the hottest jazz show on the night of last Friday in 2013. A trombone player from Jose James band, Corey King, sat in to entertain the audience even more.

Takuya played “Piri Piri” in the 1st set, a middle tempo tune with funk beat, and “Sometime Somewhere Somehow”, a gorgeous ballad that showcases his melody sense.

His sophisticated but strong trumpet sounded so convincing coming from the years of international session experience with great musicians.

DJ MITSU THE BEATS, who produced Jose James’s hit tune “Promise in Love”, played cool jazz, hip hop and breakbeats tracks to keep the vibe on between the sets.

In the 2nd set, he played the album title tune “Rising Son” and a cool afro beat tune “Mala” and “Afro Blues”.
Then Takuya played two songs in a row to close the set, a Roy Ayers tune “Green and Gold”, and “Everybody Loves Sunshine”, followed by a big round of applause.

DJ MITSU played till the closing time after the set, ending the last Friday night of 2013.
“Rising Son”, to be released from Blue Note Records on February 5th , is produced by his friend Jose James and recorded with great musicians including Corey King (tb), Chris Bowers (rhodes &synth), Solomon Dorsey(b) and Nate Smith (ds&pec).

Jose James and Lionel Loueke, a new generation guitarist from Blue Note records, joined as special guest musicians.

The album has a strong line up of jazz-based crossover songs with hip hop, afro beat, gospel, funk, latin, soul beat.

This should be called a masterpiece out of his 10 years in New York. The Japanese edition includes an unreleased song “Unchain” and the live version of Jose James’s hit song “Promise in Love”. If you are a Jose James or Takuya Kuroda fan, you would not want to miss this.

For more details, please check out the official website.

Takuya Kuroda Universal Music Official Website.

LIVE Set List
1st SET
1. Grappa
2. Jafro
3. Piri Piri
4. Somewhere, Sometime, Somehow 
5. Six Aces
2nd Set
1. Rising Son 
2. Mala 
3. Green and Gold/Everybody loves the sunshine 
4. Afro Blues 
5. For All we know

Release Info
The first Japanese artist signed with US Blue Note! Produced by Jose James!
Debut album “Rising Son” coming out on February 5th 2014.

Rising Son/Takuya Kuroda

TYCJ-60050 2014/2/5 \2,415(tax inc.)

1.Rising Son (Takuya Kuroda)
2.Afro Blues (Takuya Kuroda)
3.Piri Piri (Takuya Kuroda)
4.Mala (Takuya Kuroda)
5.Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers)
6.Green And Gold (Roy Ayers)
7.Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow (Takuya Kuroda)
8.Call (Takuya Kuroda)
9.Unchain Japanese Bonus Track
10.Promise In Love  Japanese Bonus Track