Say hello to Perfume Music Player, the app that connects the world



Perfume has begun distribution of their official smart phone app, Perfume Music Player. The app is free, and can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

This app is a music player that automatically scans for Perfume related songs through the audio input of the user’s device, allowing the user to listen to music through a special interface. User’s from around the world can share information on the type of music they listened to with this app and other information through SNS, and statistical data on all users, such as the number of users listening to a song and current trends, are displayed in real time.

In addition, this app also comes with a collector’s function that allows user to see a variety of Perfume images based on the total amount of time they have used the app to play music. Let’s all listen to lots of songs and complete the collection!

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