Female JRock band Gacharic Spin returns to America for Tekko 2014



All-female JRock band Gacharic spin will perform a live concert in April 2014 at Pittsburgh anime event Tekko 2014 (formerly Tekkoshocon). Formed by bassist F Chopper KOGA and drummer Hana, the band has contributed to Sony PSP’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva series and created soundtrack songs for the Japanese Black Angel films. Known in Japan for their non-stop energy and respected musical technique, Gacharic Spin has toured Korea, France, and the United States.

During 2013, Gacharic Spin released a new album Delicious, starred in the horror-comedy film Dead Banging, and formed a special performance group DOLL$BOXX with Light Bringer vocalist Fuki.

In addition to the Tekko 2014 concert, Gacharic Spin will participate in a fan Q&A panel and autograph session, plus a special invitation-only encore show at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Gacharic Spin appears at Tekko 2014 by arrangement with RESONANCE Media and Brisk Crew.

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