Eir Aoi’s High-Impact “DRAG-ON DRAGOON” Themed PV Revealed!


Eir Aoi

It’s widely known among fans that Eir Aoi is a true gamer who occupies her time with gameplay without wasting a single free moment. It is this Eri Aoi whose new promotion video for the DRAG-ON DRAGOON (referred to as DOD) series theme song, “Kuroi Uta“ was released on the NicoNico Live program, “DRAG-ON DRAGOON 3”.

The theme song “Kuroi Uta” was put together by two writers/artists well known among DOD fans, featuring lyrics by Hana Kikuchi and composition by Keiichi Okabe (MONACA); it was revealed to the world as the coupling song to Eir Aoi’s November 13-release fifth single. With regards to being put in charge of the theme song for DOD, Eir Aoi commented, “It was as if all of a sudden my dream came true and I forgot how to breathe.”

After the video for “Kuroi Uta” was completed, it was broadcast during the NicoNico live program for “DRAG-ON DRAGOON 3” which will go on sale on 12/19. It’s not hard to imagine that for Eir Aoi herself this song is full of deep meaning; the idea for the video was thought up by Eir Aoi, and it is a piece that was put together by the efforts of both her and the production staff.

“I expressed my love for DOD the best that I could. I wanted to depict “madness” in a “beautiful” way, rather than focusing on a “horror” theme. To be honest, I’ve been waiting for a chance to cover myself in paint or mud, and I’m really happy that I was able to make that happen for this DOD video!”ーー Eir Aoi

While the melody starts out dark and heavy with the combination of piano and strings, during the second half it suddenly switches to fight mode; the promotion video also follows that same progression, making a sudden switch away from the world of monotone.

As for the paint scene…”It took quite a long time to get the paint to be poured on nicely, and although I wasn’t able to open my eyes or mouth or move during that whole time, and on top of that it was cold, it was still the best experience ever!” she comments. The single color of the paint amongst the monotone imagery makes quite an impact.

The PV for “Kuroi Uta” will be included with Limited Edition version of Eir Aoi’s new album, “AUBE” (on sale January 29); meanwhile, you can check out the short version of the video on her official YouTube channel.

“The shoot went past midnight, filming into my birthday (November 30) – I think there’s nothing that could bring more good luck than bringing in a new year being doused in paint!” ーー Eir Aoi

It seems that it had quite an effect on her, so she will surely be raising it up a notch with her activity in 2014.

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