girugamesh’s Enthusaistic Performance at the Largest Music Festival in Macau



On November 23, girugamesh performed at “HUSH!! Full Band 2013,” the largest music festival in Macau. As the only Japanese artist invited to perform at the event, girugamesh gave an enthusiastic performance.

“HUSH!! Full Band 2013” was an event put together by the government of Macau. The event, which is the largest music festival in Macau, specializes in Asian youth culture such as bands, DJs, and dancing. girugamesh, the only Japanese artist to be invited to the event, attracted about 3,000 guests. The venue was packed to capacity, but before the performance started, it is likely that most people came just out of curiosity in order to see what a band from Japan would be like.

The people in the venue were excited after having seen bands from Macau, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Beijing when girugamesh took the stage after 11 p.m. They played the intro music to their new album, “MONSTER,” creating a strange wave of excited cheers and clapping. That was when vocalist Satoshi said his first words.

“Are you ready?”

The show began with “Break Down,” and they continued their powerful performance with the new song “Drain.” Incited by Satoshi, the audience was naturally drawn in by the sound, even though they were perhaps hearing the songs for the first time. They raised their fists and swayed their bodies with the music, making it clear that they were enjoying the show.

“Hello Macau, we’re girugamesh! This is our first show in Macau! Thank you for the offer!”

With that greeting in English, they began the metalcore tune “antlion pit” with pounding, heavy bass, following that up with the even heavier song “INCOMPLETE.” The guests on the floor then did an about-face as girugamesh performed “CRAZY-FLAG.” Satoshi stirred up the audience starting from the intro and guitarist Nii danced some tricky steps while bassist Shuu and drummer Яyo supported the groove of their aggressive sound. As with their concerts in Japan, a circle pit broke out within the crowd and people crowd-surfed.

Never taking a break, girugamesh performed “Vision,” “MISSION CODE” and “DIRTY STORY” before reaching their last song, “evolution.” Overcoming national borders with the circle pit and excited cheers from the audience, girugamesh gave a performance that could go down in musical history. It was a night in which everyone could feel that girugamesh’s sound transcends nationality.

Samples of the tracks of girgugamesh’s new album “MONSTER” became available for trial listening on their official website starting from October 25. Be sure to check out the well-rounded tracks that incorporate various types of music.

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