ikimono-Gakari is a three-member pop rock band that was founded by Mizuno Yoshiki and Yamashita Hotak in Kanagawa Japan in February 1999 they began doing street performances and decided on the name “Ikimono Gakari” In December of that year Yoshioka Kiyoe went as the group’s main singer A year later, three dissolved as Yoshiki and Hotak could focus on the exams for admission to university meet again in March 2002 after the two had gone through their university training classes
Four years after the creation of their first album was released on an indie label they were recording contract with Epic Japan Records and released its first regular single SAKURA In March 2006 the title song was used in NTT East Japan commercials and heard on various television programs
Their2nd Hanabi internal was used as the 7th ending song for the Studio Pierrot Bleach Anime release
Their 10th Single Blue Bird has been used as a third opening for Naruto Shippuden
List of duplicates on lastfm: Ikimonogakari Ikimono Gakari Ikimono-Gaka.
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