T.M.Revolution×Nana Mizuki Make First Foreign Appearance in Singapore


Nana Mizuki×T.M.Revolution

On Nov. 10,T.M.Revolution made his second consecutive appearance at ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA in Singapore for their 2013 event, performing live with Nana Mizuki.

Celebrating their sixth year, ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA is a rapidly growing anime-based event that seeks to become the largest such event in Asia. This year, it was open over three days, Nov. 8-10. Held at the Singapore Convention Center, it became a huge gathering for companies involved in the East Asian animation industry, with their booths attracting many fans and cosplayers. According to official sources, the event had a turnout of 85,000 people over three days, making for a huge event overall.

T.M.Revolution appeared on the final day, Nov. 10. On that day, a special live performance was scheduled gathering all the artists that had done theme songs for the anime series “Valvrave the Liberator”, titled “Valvrave Knights”. Excited fans from all over Asia had gathered in huge numbers to see T.M. Revolution, not only returning after a year since 2012’s ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA event, but also bringing along Nana Mizuki for her first event appearance outside of Japan.

Thanks to special performances from artists such as angela and ELISA, the temperature in the venue kept rising uncontrollably ; but when T.M. Revolution appeared on stage under the guise of “Nishikawa”, the fans exploded in chants of “T.M.R.!!” They continued to respond enthusiastically to all the performances, beginning with “SENGOKU BASARA 4” opening theme “Count ZERO” regardless of the relative age of the songs. Of course, this vision forced the passionate fans who had come from Japan to join in as well.

Continuing with popular hits starting with “SENGOKU BASARA”’s popular tune “Flags”, the audience started a chorus in Japanese once Nishikawa introduced a barrage of songs from “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED” including “INVOKE”, “Meteor”, “vestige” and “Zips”. It was as if the floor had fallen out from underneath the crowd as the temperature in the venue rose higher and higher. The last song of the main event was “ignited”, after which T.M. Revolution left the stage with the audience still at their peak of excitement.

Then, perhaps in response to the warm welcome from the fans, the special live event “Valvrave Knights” opened its stage to a dual performance by T.M. Revolution and Nana Mizuki. As the venue blacked out and the opening notes to their revolutionary collaborative song “Preserved Roses” began to play, the enthusiasm in the room reached the peak so far for the day; the voltage rising under multicolored lights. The pair continued to tempt the crowd with their latest work, “Kakumei Dualism”. Amidst cries from the audience of both “Nana” and “T.M.R.”, they opened an MC expressing their feelings to the crowd.

“Everyone’s love is washing over me; this is the best feeling in the world!” gushed Mizuki.

“I’m so happy that the two of us have collaborated together, and been able to take it overseas like this!! Thank you very much. We dedicate this song for you. Last song for you with Nana Mizuki!! Let’s sing together!” T.M.Revolution added.

The final performance of the special live show was T.M.R.’s classic song “HEART OF SWORD -Yoake Mae-” that is still wildly popular overseas, passionately sung in a duet with both artists, ending the show on a striking grand finale.

Currently, T.M.Revolution is fresh off of his release of an overseas collaborative album of anime songs, “GEISHA BOY -ANIME SONG EXPERIENCE-”. Nana Mizuki will be appearing in Taiwan for her first foreign solo performances on Nov. 23-24, which will also be available for viewing using the Live Viewing system across Asia. It seems that with their continuing foreign activities, the revolution of Nana Mizuki and T.M. Revolution is far from over!

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