MV of Collaboration by Ikuko Harada and Tamu-kun, Thailand’s Popular Comic Book Artist Released


Ikuko Harada

A collaboration album “Baan” by Ikuko Harada and Thailand`s popular comic book artist Wisut Ponnimit, also known as Tamu-kun, will be released on December 4th. The MV image of this album`s lead track, “Ice Cream” was made public on YouTube.

The “Ice Cream” is said to have been recorded in Thailand`s Tamu-kun`s living room with a piano and an acoustic guitar. You can feel the relaxing atmosphere of the site, and with the combination of the two`s voice singing “Renai wa soft cream oishiso (Romance is ice cream, how delicious it seems)” and Tamu-kun`s cute yet somewhat mysterious animation stirs any viewer`s imagination.

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