TOKYO SHOCK BOYS, First New Piece in 6 Years “Dengeki-Tamashii” Released Around the World



The group well known for their extreme performance, and is currently spreading their activity not only within Japan but across the globe, TOKYO SHOCK BOYS. “Dengeki-Tamashii” is a new piece released for the first time since their single released in 2007, “Dengeki Network no Te-ma ~ THEMA OF TOKYO SHOCK BOYS~”, a piece released about 6 years and 5 months ago. In the new piece, Sangojugo who is currently fighting cancer is also taking part as a vocal and for the lyric creation. The sound creator who offered songs for MISIA and KAT-TUN, SAKOSHIN is the producer for this piece, and has become a piece created with upper tunes.

“Dengeki-Tamashii” is currently being released around the world on iTunes in countries other than India and Mexico. In Japan, there is also sale on the online store “DIGOT” and CD sales at Live sites.

TOKYO SHOCK BOYS “Dengeki-Tamashii” Songs
01. danger danger
02. Bye Bye Device
03. Slam the funk(Instrumental)
04. Jumpin’ Rush
05. Pool Side Woo Wee
06. Dimension(Instrumental)
07. Bye Bye Device(GOMI Remix)

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