AKIHIDE From BREAKERZ: Session Movie Vol.2 Is a Battle Against Cellist



As was previously announced, AKIHIDE, the guitarist of BREAKERZ, has released a session movie in advance to the release of his instrumental guitar album, “Lapis Lazuli”, on October 30. Volume 2 of the session movies has now been revealed.

As a sequel to vol.1, which featured a session with the drummer of mouse on the keys, Akira Kawasaki, vol.2 features a performance of “Rain” in a session with cellist, Harutoshi Ito. This song would be included in the new album “Lapis Lazuli”. Check out the elegant sound created by the beautiful harmony between the acoustic guitar and the cello.

The album “Lapis Lazuli” was recorded with a strong emphasis on “raw sound”. The theme of the album is an “acoustic-guitar-centered rock sound”. Many of the tracks have simple compositions featuring either just an acoustic guitar or an acoustic guitar accompanied by just one other instrument. This vol.2, featuring a session with a cellist is of a completely different taste from the previous vol.1, which featured a battle with a drummer. Expectations for the new album continue to get bigger as more and more materials get revealed.

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