Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni Offers Music to Popular Chinese Group, Asian 4 Front


mushi furuu yoru ni

“Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni,” which attracts much attention with its unique sense of the world and by their blasting sound by the sound producer Kenta Matsukuma (BiS, Shoko Nakagawa). They wrote a song to the boy-girl mixed group Asian 4 Front, popular in the Chinese area, especially in Taiwan.

Shinosuke(g) and Ari(vo), who writes most music of Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni, is popular for their heavy sounding yet a pop melody line, and TAKESHI of Asian 4 Front who said was shocked at the Live he saw in Tokyo asked for a music. “Fly Away” was created to meet that request, and is an invigorating song with acoustic guitars, and Asian 4 Front sings it in Chinese smoothly.

For Mushi Furuu Yoru Ni, this is the first time to offer another artist their music. They have already started to receive high praise from Taiwan media.

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