A Hundred Birds


A Hundred Birds In 1996, formed by one of the leading figures of the house music scene in Kansai, DJ YOKU. Made a memorable debut as remixer with the Green Finger feat. Sugami single “Try”. In 1999, released his first original 12-inch EP “Sun That Shine”. Performs under the lineup of dance-track specialists YOKU (DJ), AGEISHI (DJ), KOMA (DJ) and Segeke at their regular events. Features horns and string sections to put on unparalleled, large-scale performances.
In addition to remixing works by various major artists including ZEEBRA, SILVA, Thelma Aoyama, Yasuko Agawa, Chikuzen Sato, Yuki, Suneo Hair, DA PUMP, and Walt Disney’s project release, their signature sound can be heard in various works including the soundtrack for the movie “Heat Island” written by Ryousuke Kakine.
In 2011, founded the label 100 records and released the 12-inch single “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.
A Hundred Birds’ pursuit of their grand dream has just begun.
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