Rock band of Japan that consists of four person TERU(Vo) TAKURO(G) HISASHI(G) JIRO(B). It keeps always leading the music scene in Japan since the majors debut in 1994, and a lot of monuments have been built up. Energies was devoted to a live activity since it debuted, and moreover, large-scale live entitled “GLAY EXPO ’99 SURVIVAL” in Makuhari Messe outdoor parking lot specially-installed stage in Chiba Prefecture was dared on July 31, especially 1999, and 200,000 spectators were mobilized. As charged live of a single artist, this attendance is Japan record as of 2010, and world record.
【GLAY JUMBO】 in which GLAY member’s appearance was painted on the airframe of the airplane of JAL was operated before and behind live of this, and it became a topic. It is only present point GLAY that the artist was painted on the airframe. It was done in three halls (Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Fukuoka Prefecture) in shape to run through Japan by a different stage set concept as large-scale live that entitled other “EXPO” and was done “GLAY EXPO 2001 “GLOBAL COMMUNICATION”” (mobilization 280,000 people per three hall). And, “GLAY EXPO 2004 in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN“THE FRUSTRATED”” (100,000 person mobilization) done in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the debut of majors of GLAY and the 3rd anniversary of the opening of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN is enumerated.
On the other hand, “Special commemoration concert GLAY ONE LOVE in Beijing of the 30th normalization of China-Japanese relations anniversary” is done in the Beijing The Workers Stadium in China on October 13, 2002, and the courtesy call to the president Jiang Zemin, highest leader in China is accomplished at this visit to China. In 2009, 15 years after their major debut, They toured actively,an anniversary concert, GLAY 15th Anniversary Special Live 2009 THE GREAT VACATION in NISSAN STADIUM on August 15th and 16th.
They not only performed inside Japan but also in the United States. It was their 2nd concert in the US.
In 2010,their 10th Original Album“GLAY”ReleaseAlso, as promised to the Fans, GLAY will perform at 16 halls and 21 arenas around Japan during their tour GLAY LIVE TOUR 2010 ROCK AROUND THE WORLD.
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