Ryuichi Kawamura’s New Album in Two Years is an AOR Album Featuring SUGIZO and INORAN



Ryuichi Kawamura’s first new album in two years, “Life”, was released on September 11 and ranked-in within the Oricon Daily Ranking Top 10 on its first day.

Just as Kawamura himself describes, “it is a rock-themed album which I recorded with the mindset of being halfway between LUNA SEA and the solo artist, Ryuichi Kawamura”, the album features high quality band sound as its base with a mature approach that goes beyond just highlighting the high-volume groove and edginess. With the album including songs offered by LUNA SEA bandmates, SUGIZO and INORAN, the album features a more diversity than ever.

Surprisingly, Kawamura is an enthusiast of musical gear. He commented, “I easily get immersed in the things I do. That’s just showing up in my work. I arrived at some particular microphone and equipment when I started thinking about what a “good sound” is”. There are numerous vintage microphones stored in his own studio.

The album “Life” was carefully nurtured in such environment. You will pick up something new with every listen.

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