Akihisa Kondo : Ending Theme for Anime, “NARUTO – NARUTO Shippuden”


Akihisa Kondo

Akihisa Kondo will do the ending theme song for the hugely popular TV anime, “NARUTO – NARUTO Shippuden,” that starts in October.

The title of the new song is “Black Night Town.” Kondo has always expressed his originality through songs like his debut, “FURURU,” the ending theme for the anime, “Space Brothers,” the multi-chart topper, “TETE,” his third single “RAHEN,” and his latest hit single “AI.” This new song is a departure from his previous releases and has a different appeal and charm.

“Black Night Town” will debut on the October 3 broadcast of “NARUTO – NARUTO Shippuden.” Anticipation is building for Kondo’s ending theme song and Nogizaka46’s opening theme song.

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