HAWAIIAN6 Formed in 1997 by the members of YUTA (Vo,G), HATANO (Dr) and a support member, gure (B,Cho). With their powerful, yet sorrowfully touching melodies and aggressive performance made a significant presence in the punk live scene of the 2000s. Their 1st mini album “FANTASY” was released in 3/2000 and continued to make releases after changing their label in 2002 to “PIZZA OF DEATH RECORDS” by Ken Yokoyama. Celebrating their 10th year anniversary in 2007, they established their independent label “IKKI NOT DEAD” where their works thereafter were released by. They released a new mini album “The Grails” in 11/2012 and kicked off a long-term live tour. They made a joint release of “THE ANTHEMS” in 6/2013 in collaboration with locofrank and dustbox followed by a ZEPP TOUR, which was a great success. The three bands toured around the affected areas of the earthquake by the coastline of Tohoku region. As they celebrate their 15th year anniversary, they are more active than ever in the music scene.
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