Swinging Popsicle to perform at Nitro Super Sonic 2013



August 29, 2013 – J-Rock group Swinging Popsicle will perform at Nitroplus game studio’s annual live music event, Nitro Super Sonic 2013, held on September 21 and 22 at Tokyo International Forum. The concert will feature live performances of music from Nitroplus’s vast catalog of projects, including Phantom of Inferno, Steins;Gate, Deus Machina Demonbane, Fate/Zero, Chaos;Head, Saya no Uta, and Robotics;Notes.

Known for their contributions to Nitroplus visual novels SUMAGA (Star Mine Girl), AXANAEL, and new release Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi (Totono), Swinging Popsicle has performed for American fans several times in recent years, including appearances at Fanime MusicFest and New York Anime Festival. Swinging Popsicle leader Hironobu Hirata is also the lead producer for Daiichi Uchuu Sokudo, the virtual band fronted by Nitroplus mascot Super Sonico.

Swinging Popsicle will join fellow Nitroplus music artists Kanako Ito, LiSA, Keigo Iwase, Aoi Tada, Minori Chihara, ChouCho, Luna Haruna, Milky Holmes, Kazuhiro Watanabe, ZIZZ BAND, Ayane, and Yuichi Ikuzawa. A special appearance by Super Sonico’s band is also scheduled.

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