C&K Going to Asia with Their New Single “Hebereke Sengen”



C&K is releasing the new single, “Hebereke Sengen”, on August 28th. C&K made a record in a row with “Ai-Ai no Uta ~Boku to Kimi to Bokura no Hibi~” and “Aiwoabite, Bokugairu” in 2013. The new single “Hebereke Sengen” is one of their best dance numbers.

The new music video was taken in the Paradise of Asia, Macau, and has humorous touch, dancing the “Hebereke Dance” with the local extras. The “Hebereke Dance” was created with a classical Japanese dance/ drama, Kabuki in mind, and their image is shaking the whole place right to the left.
The “Hebereke Sengen” will be gradually released in 14 Asian countries such as Macau and Thailand, and their first Asian Live will be held next spring in Thailand. The days when C&K cause great excitement is coming soon.

New Single
“Hebereke Sengen”
Release: Aug. 28th 2013
UPCH-80338 1,260yen (With Tax)
1. Hebereke Sengen
2. milky way
3. Hey Girl ~Cho Kappatsu Joshi~
4. Hebereke Sengen (Instrumental)

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