AKI AKANE to ‘WOW’ France at Japan Expo Live Show


Singer-Digital Drawing Artist, AKI AKANE, appeared in Live House (with 8000 people capacity) at the largest Japanese culture convention in Europe known as in Paris, France (July 4 through 7).

AKI AKANE was selected as a headliner for the main stage where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu played last year, and Golden Bomber the year before. The performance lasted about 40 minutes and AKI’s stage was perhaps the one hottest performance ever at the Expo with fans from all over Europe going nuts.

It started with a video clip on a monitor at the venue. AKI AKANE sang ‘Leia’ (the recording not published yet), ‘antinotice’, ‘Reduction’. With the upper tunes, AKI’s promotion videos were shown using lots of her original illustrations displayed on a large monitor. No artist has integrated the visual and acoustic effects together with the live performance like her. Fans were excited extremely witnessing the very unique world of AKI AKANE artworks.

After three songs, AKI AKANE disappeared from the stage abruptly. The real time broadcast showed the exhausted AKI in the back make-up room wondering if she should stop the show. Audience demanded more immediately saying “non!”.

Back on a monitor, ‘Give me a light’ was played with a video clip showing the process of her drawing. AKI AKANE appeared again shortly after the clip was over. AKI performed the ballad songs ‘HEAT’ and ‘BBM’ which was never publicly performed before. As encore session started with the most representative Vocaloid song ‘Rollin’ Girl’ through which AKI had acclaimed her presence as ‘Screaming Cinderella’, audience and AKI sang in unity concluding the first live concert in France as a very big success.

At Japan Expo 2013, over 200 thousand people visited. There are lots other booths and exhibits going outside the live shows. AKI AKANE also showed up at a booth named “AOJI (art of Japanese)” on the 6th and 7th where Japanese paintings were displayed. She performed 2 to 3 hours of real time drawing.

France is known for its increased interest in the area of contemporary art like paintings and illustrations starting from Paris. The attention toward Japanese art is even stronger than the times of Ukiyo-e. In fact France is known as Japanophile and has a long history through Japanese animation or manga works. It is no surprise that the French is responding to the very unique expression by AKI AKANE who mixed songs and illustrations through Niconico Doga. AKI was ranked high within a French J-POP program, making this live concert in France a reality.

While her stay in France, AKI plans to finish TV and magazine interviews and to enjoy making visits to Louvre and Pompidou Center in her free time.

AKI has already had a successful performance in Hong Kong. She has leads in Europe through live performance. AKI spoke, “I was completely overwhelmed by European power, above my expectation”.

AKI AKANE is scheduled to appear for a signing event in Taiwan this August. It will be before long AKI taking a big leap locally and internationally.