Muddy Apes Scheduled To Appear At “Mihama CRYSTAL BEACH SOUND 2013 FES” & Hold Shows In Tokyo And Osaka


Muddy Apes

Muddy Apes, who released their long-awaited second album, “Fairy Dirt No.5”, on July 3, and scheduled to participate in “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL”, will be following up with performances at “Mihama CRYSTAL BEACH SOUND 2013” and in Osaka and Tokyo.

Muddy Apes is comprised of TAKA HIROSE from the UK rock band, FEEDER; INORAN from the Japanese big band, Luna Sea; DEAN TIDEY, the support guitarist for FEEDER; and 8otto, the vocalist for MAESON. In addition to their performance at “Mihama CRYSTAL BEACH SOUND 2013”, they are scheduled hold a solo show in Osaka, on August 27, and a two-band show in Tokyo, on August 29.

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