miwa Releases New Single Featuring Anime Theme Song on September 4th



miwa has announced that she would be releasing her new single, “Faraway / Kiss you” on September 4. The single will feature TV anime, “Gin no Saji Silver Spoon’s”, opening theme song, “Kiss you”.

As soon as the theme song for “Gin no Saji Silver Spoon”, “Kiss you”, was aired in advance to the airing of the anime via the anime’s TV commercial, it caught the attention of a great number of people. Although the TV commercial only reveals a small portion of the song, miwa’s smooth vocals and the sounds of what seems to be a slide guitar is enough to leave a strong impression on the viewers. miwa has commented that the song has become “an exciting pop song”, so lets look forward to the day when the song is truly unveiled.

miwa is currently on an incredible rise with her newest album, “Delight”, hitting 1st place on the weekly chart on its first week after release and tickets for her biggest-to-date national tour, “miwa concert tour 2013 ‘Delight’”, selling out within a day of its release. Furthermore, she is scheduled to release the live DVD, “miwa live at Budokan ~Sostugyoshiki~”, featuring her first-ever Budokan concert, on July 24th. Keep your eyes on miwa as she keeps trucking towards the top of the music scene this year.

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