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DEAD END, the legendary rock band which miraculously revived in 2009. There is a large number of artists active on the front lines who were greatly influenced by them. Artists with much love for DEAD END will be covering their famous songs from the past and present!

Various musicians joined to create the album and some musician made the special unit exclusively for this project, which gave new life to many famous songs. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of major debut of DEAD END, the legendary tribute album is finally released! This will be surely the monumental masterpiece in rock history.

[Product Information]
V.A / DEAD END Tribute (temporary title)
(Wed) 2013.09.04 on sale
3,000 yen (tax-out) / 3,150yen (tax-in)
Label: motorod / avex group
Item No:AVCD-38651

The idea of a tribute for DEAD END has surfaced many times since more than 10 years ago, but the dreamlike project did not come to fruition. As might be expected from DEAD END who is famous for being “musician’s musician”, they have countless numbers of followers. As a matter of fact, when this same project was brought up at the beginning of the 2000s, there were many enthusiastic remarks from various artists such as “Make it soon, I’ll definitely take part” “I want to do xx”. However, on top of DEAD END being inactive at the time, MORRIE was living in New York, and the other members were all scattered. As such, the passion from the other musicians did not manage to take shape. After ten-odd years, DEAD END has revived splendidly and once again they have begun to shine as a musician in the present continuous tense. Many musicians who’ve always respected DEAD END gathered at the venue where the band held their 25th debut anniversary live “Kaosmoscape” in September 2012. This in turn heightened the passion to materialize this tribute album.

Even if one is to look around the Japanese music scene, there probably isn’t another band who had such a great influence on as many musicians as DEAD END did. There are many who said what triggered them to start music was DEAD END. If they didn’t exist, the current music scene might have became something very different. That being the case, musicians who were affected by them have very strong feelings towards this project and so production took on a bit of an eccentric form where only “those who strongly love and respect DEAD END” have participated. Packed full of their feelings for the piece they have chosen, the participating musicians will be expressing in their own special way the song they feel strongly attached to. Although many tribute albums have been released, it’ll be hard to find another piece of work overflowing with as much love as this one. The music scene in the latter half of 2013 will certainly be greatly stunned by the phenomenal performances from the participating musicians who inherited genes from DEAD END, and by the numerous famous tunes of DEAD END which are simply stylish and timeless.
Akemi Oshima (Producer)

[1st unlocked information – participating musicians] July 12
Kiyoharu, Hitoki, Hyde(L’Arc-en-Ciel/VAMPS), tetsuya(L’Arc-en-Ciel/TETSUYA)
Others, with a line-up of over 50 premium artists!

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