Namie Amuro, Road blockade in LA for “Contrail” MV shooting



Namie Amuro who will be releasing the new album “FEEL” on July 10th revealed the music video for the song “Contrail”

The concept of the music video that was released today is “marching for hope”. It is a refreshing video where foreign children with instruments march through the city as they perform under a cloudless sky.

Recently it became the topic on the news for the release of the album that this whole shooting took place in LA. It was a large scale shooting where part of the scene required the local police to blockade the rode and bridge in the city,

The new album “FEEL” will be released in 3 styles; CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray and CD only. Each jacket visual is facial close up of “see no evil”, “hear no evil”, “say no evil”, expressed in black and white. There are 12 songs including “Contrail”, “Can You Feel This Lov” and “Big Boys Cry”.

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