SCREW finishes major label debut album, “SCREW”, and reveals new visuals



SCREW is scheduled to release their major label debut album, “SCREW” on July 10th and has revealed their newest visuals and artwork.

The album will be released in 3 different versions, each having different artworks: “limited first press edition A” features the members in black suits with a deep-blue sky in the background, which makes of a memorable contrast; “limited first press edition B” features the members in a different black outfit who stand in front of a wall with purple and brown flowers; and the “standard edition” which is a monotone picture with a black-haired woman and grey color. All 3 artworks reflect the good sense of the band and are no doubt cover-worthy for their first self-titled, debut album.

The 1st album places Byou’s (Vo) depressing, gut-wrenching lyrics at the focal point while incorporating an aggressive loud rock / alternative rock sound. Byou commented, “This is the best work SCREW has made so far. I hope it can feel the hole of loneliness within everyone’s heart”.

In advance to the release of the album, the MV for the lead track, “Red Thread”, has become available on YouTube by Tokuma Japan, so don’t forget to check it out.

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