WORLD ORDER Worldwide Debut Single “IMPERIALISM” Released



Announcing “IMPERIALISM,” the latest single from Japanese group WORLD ORDER!
Available worldwide digitally on iTunes, Amazon and more, as major Japanese Artist WORLD ORDER joins up with TUNECORE JAPAN for worldwide digital distribution.

The new music video for IMPERIALISM is a continuation from the earlier Korea-set piece, Permanent Revolution. Instead of Asia, the IMPERIALISM video was shot on location in a modern world empire – Washington D.C., USA. Characteristic restraint and a solemn melody are coupled with a humorous performance, expressing yet again the meta-message of WORLD ORDER.

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Release Date For Digital Download : 2013.06.19
Release Date For YouTube : 2013.06.21

WORLD ORDER first captured the international attention with the release of their music videos on Youtube – the sight of seven suited Japanese men dancing robotically against prominent Tokyo scenes garnered a huge reaction. Early videos included the eponymous WORLD ORDER, post-earthquake MACHINE CIVLIZATION, mysterious temple-set AQUARIUS, Tokyo-based MIND SHIFT, and ode to pan-Asian unity in Permanent Revolution.

The new single and video IMPERIALISM builds on the group’s mission to prompt reflection contemporary society, working styles, global culture, and images of modern Japan. Provocatively shot in Washington D.C. – against backdrops of American sights like the US Capitol building and Union Station. Spontaneous moments from filming are kept as is for the video – WORLD ORDER’s expressive vision.

TUNECORE JAPAN has made incredible progress in the 8 months since launching in Japan, with the addition to the TUNECORE JAPAN network of Japanese domestic digital music delivery services like and Oricon music store. Groovy and Tapnow is coming soon.

The latest in a string of successes for TUNECORE JAPAN is the decision by major Japanese Artist WORLD ORDER to release the latest single through TUNECORE JAPAN’s service.

WORLD ORDER is a Japanese dance and music ensemble led by frontman and ex-mixed martial arts fighter, Genki Sudo. The group first received worldwide attention through their Youtube videos total of 30 million views, showing seven Japanese men dressed in suits dancing hypnotically and robotically to Genki Sudo’s original music. WORLD ORDER prompts audiences to reflect on contemporary society, working styles, global culture, and images of modern Japan.

In their latest video, titled IMPERIALISM and provocatively filmed in Washington D.C. in front of well-known American monuments, Sudo sings in English. The single is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon,, Oricon music store and more.

The choice to use TUNECORE JAPAN for a major Japanese Artist release is a radical, but logical choice to WORLD ORDER. Worldwide access is a priority for the group and Japanese record labels bring traditional limitations when it comes to distribution outside of Japan.

Genki Sudo says, “From our early decision to place our first videos on Youtube, rather than through a Japanese media channel, we’ve always strived to reach people across the entire globe, not just Japan. We’re proud to work with TUNECORE JAPANn to overcome national borders and spread our message even further.”

TUNECORE JAPAN’s CEO Mr. Iichiro Noda says, “We have been fans of WORLD ORDER for a long time, and are honored that they’ve chosen to release their latest single through TUNECORE JAPAN. As one of the few Japanese Artists to regularly receive attention and acclaim internationally – we feel it’s a perfect fit and WORLD ORDER epitomizes the trend of Asian artists crossing borders to find an international fan base. TUNECORE JAPAN is going to continue to work in Japan on behalf of all Japanese Artists.”


Founder and leader of the group, Genki Sudo, says about the song, “It’s our first English-language release, but the message is the same as our other Japanese-language songs. We sing about the human family and the situation of the world.”

Sample lyrics:

Let’s make a paradise
When I was waiting for sunrise
This is what I wanna visualize
Together, we realize

Concession and the plantation
Our dreams, under the control, It’s the,
End of Imperial history, Now
Let me show you the ocean of the prime

Genki Sudo says, “We had originally planned to shoot in London, but after those plans fell through I felt that the second-best place would be Washington D.C. The choice of an American backdrop for a song titled IMPERIALISM is a bit of dark humor.”

“Usually, when I create my art, I keep in mind the following message: ‘If you change yourself, the world will change as well.’ For this video, I wanted to convey the message: ‘If America changes, the world will change as well.’ I hope everyone across the world enjoys the new song. We Are All One!”