Kazusa’s MV for “Sore de Iiyo’s” popularity rising exponentially on video website



Director, Makoto Shinkai’s short film, “Someone’s Gaze”, began running with “The Garden of Words” in 23 theaters nationwide on May 31st (Fri).

The theme song for the movie, “Sore de Iiyo”, by Kazusa has also been receiving much praise for its use in the movie. The song has receive many positive comments from people: “When the song began playing, I was so moved that I began crying”; “The theme song was so good; I need to buy it”; and “It’s an instant classic. I’m not surprised that Mr. Shinkai chose this song”.

The MV, which was created by re-editing the video from “Dareka no Manazashi”, is available for viewing on various video websites in its short version, and it’s popularity is rising exponentially. The total number of plays has already exceeded 350,000, and on GyaO!’s video daily ranking (as of June 2nd), the MV ranked in at 2nd place, only to be beaten by Daft Punk.

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