D.W. Nicols


Daisuke Watanabe (Vo. & AG)
who was born and grown up in Hayama, Kanagawa, is a singer and song writer.
He is also known as a child of the sun (taiyo no kodomo).
Growing up in the coastal town, as he made his own songs, he used to sing to the ocean.
When he realized something is different and not right, and found his own directions, he decided to move to Tokyo.
For a while, although he sang to his own guitar accompaniment and did gigs as a solo artist,
his work and effort was not regarded as he had wished.
However, Manami Chiba (Ba.) was the first person to discover Daisuke’s talent.
In August, 2005, including Manami Chiba and one other band member, three-member band, D.W. Nicols was formed.
Since March, 2007, the additional two band members, Kenta Suzuki (G.) and Risa Okada (Dr.) whose musical work and taste are admired by a variety of bands and musicians have joined to form the current four-member band, D.W. Nicols.
After only two years since the formation of the band, D.W. Nicols fell in love with the music.
With the marriage in mind, D.W. Nicols has been concentrating on the love of the music,
for music itself and most importantly for all the people who love music.
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