“capsule” is a Japanese music unit, “Yasutaka Nakata” operates as a base, features female vocalist “Toshiko Koshijima” .
Yasutaka Nakata has been producing “Perfume” and remixing for Kylie Minogue, which works accomplished
as the only one in Japan. Now, he is producing and remixing for many other international and domestic artists.
Formed in 1997, debuted with CD in 2001. Yasutaka Nakata operates almost everything about “capsule” from songwriting,
sound making to art direction, design for their promotion videos, artworks, and styling.
The latest album “WORLD OF FANTASY” is released on May 25, 2011, gains No.3 at Original Confidence Weekly Magazine.
Their presence gains fervent support not only of music scene also fashion and beauty scene,
and goes beyond boudaries of genres and countries.
Yasutaka Nakata recently joined in Kylie Minogue’s project for the first artist in Japan,
besides making the theme music and soundtrack for TV dramas, news programs and movies.
It is reported that his produce work, “Perfume” song “Polyrhythm” is selected for
the soundtrack of Disney/Pixar movie “Cars 2”, which will be put on a view to all over the world.
He performs as a main DJ, hosting regular parties, and as special guest DJ on issue-celebrating
events hosted by fashion and art magazine publisher, and many other events such hosted by salon and
as fashion show. He gains No.2 on DJ rank by votes on “Loud” Magazine 2010.
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