Gen Hoshino Reveals Self-Arranged/Self-Directed Special MV for “Gag”


Gen Hoshino

The short version of Gen Hoshino’s 5th single, “Gag”, has been revealed.

The song is the theme song for the Anime movie, “Saint ☆ Oniisan”, which was released on May 10th. Hoshino stars in the movie as the voice actor for Buddha. The MV features clips from the movie and its making; it was arranged and directed by Hoshino himself.

Hoshino’s 3rd album, “Stranger”, was released on May 1st, and is currently extending its sales; it first appeared on the Oricon Weekly Chart at 2nd place on its first week. The movie, “Hakoiri Musuko no Koi”, in which Hoshino will play his first-ever leading roll, will be released on June 8th. He will also be performing for the first time at Nippon Budokan on July 19th, for his, “Hoshino Gen One-man Live “STRANGER IN BUDOKAN”.

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