Hemenway / 5th Digital Release of Digi-Rock Number “Hakanai Kotoba”



Hemenway is bringing a digi-rock number “Hakanai Kotoba,” fused with dance beats in Hemeway’s own style, as the 5th digital single of the 10-consecutive release series on 5/22/2013! ‘Hakanai Kotoba’ (translates into ‘the words unsaid’) is a semi-upbeat number that sings about how you may have a lot on your mind, but you choose not to express yourself in words, but keep them to yourself deep inside your heart. It has a danceable tune, but is also well-balanced with the bass and strong drum beats, which opened a new door to a different genre for Hemenway.

‘Hakanai Kotoba,’ along with ‘Start Kakumei,’ was presented to a live audience for the very first time at their 4th Shibuya eggman live held on 5/2/2013. For ‘Hakanai Kotoba,’ Isaac put his guitar down for the first time on stage and poured all his emotions into the song and even softly danced to the beat. The audience shouted in joy and started to rock their bodies to the song with their hands up in the air even though it was their first time listening to it. Many people in audience seemed to be more familiar with and recognize ‘Start Kakumei’ as it has been playing as the opening theme song for a TV Tokyo anime “Duel Masters Victory V3” since 4/6. ‘Start Kakumei’ will be officially released in June as Hemenway’s 6th digital release of the 10-month release series.

On 5/22, the release day of “Hakanai Kotoba,” Hemenway’s USTREAM program “Hemenway Street Vol. 10” on STOLABO will start at 22:00 (JST)! Tune in to listen to their exclusive talk only available on STOLABO and join in to communicate with the members by using #Hemenway as the hashtag in your tweets during the live streaming. Don’t forget to mark your calendar and join the fun with Hemenway online!

Release Information:

“Hakanai Kotoba”
Release Date: 5/22/2013(Wed)
*Digital release only
*iTunes URL:

Live Streaming Information:
“Hemenway Street Vol. 10” on STOLABO via USTREAM
Date & Time: 5/22/2013(Wed) 22:00~ (JST/Estimated)
Live Streaming URL:
*Twitter hashtag: #Hemenway

Live Information:
5th Live of 10-Consecutive Live Series at shibuya eggman “Mix UP!! vol.53”
Date: 6/6/2013(Thurs)
Time: OPEN 17:30 / START 18:00
Venue: shibuya eggman
Ticket: Presale 2,500 yen / At-door 3,000 *1 drink minimum
Artist Lineup: Hemenway, ammoflight, Civilian Skunk, ARCHAIC RAG STORE, etc.
Info: shibuya eggman +81-3-3496-1561

“LACHIC presents SAKAE SP-RING 2013”
Date: 6/8 & 6/9/2013 (Sat & Sun)
*Hemenway’s stage will be on 6/9(Sun)
Time: OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00
Venue: Various live houses and clubs around Sakae, Osaka
Ticket: 1-day pass 3,300 yen / 2-day pass 5,500 yen / 2-day pass with a towel (limited in quantity) 6,000 yen
URL: (for details of venues and artist lineups)
Info: ZIP-FM +81-52-972-0778 (Operating Hours: Mon-Fri / 10:00~18:00 / JST)

“Amuse 35th Anniversary BBQ in Tsumagoi ~Bokura no Beat wo Kurae Kora!~”
Date: 7/13 & 14/2013(Sat & Sun)
Time: OPEN 9:00 / START 12:00
Venue: Tsumagoi, Shizuoka
Ticket: Standing Area / Spacious Area: 10,000 yen (same for both areas)
Official URL:
Official Facebook:
Amuse Official Channel:

Date: 7/20 & 21/2013(Sat & Sun) / 7/27 & 28/2013(Sat & Sun)
*Hemenway’s stage will be on 7/21(Sun)
Time: OPEN 9:00 / START 11:00
Venue: Iwamizawa Park, Hokkaido
*Regular ticketing will begin on 5/25(Sun/JST) 10:00~
Info: Mount Alive +81-11-211-5600

Official Website:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Official YouTube Channel: