FUNKIST Announces Europe Street Live Tour



To precede the Japarican Gypsy Tour being held in July, FUNKIST will go on a 4-country, 7-city Europe Street Live tour starting May 8th. In their very own FUNKIST style, they will be going around Poland, Germany, France, and Spain bringing along just one guitar as they will start from 0 to perform a street live performance.

Looking back to the 2010 World Cup South Africa… being both Japanese and South African himself, vocal Someya expressed his desire to perform at the World Cup that his home country is hosting. With this strong desire, they went to the World Cup stadium with no particular plan at all, and performed for the people without any permission. As a result, they received permission to perform in the stadium when the Japanese national team played. It will be exciting to see what kind of miracles will happened this time around.

Also, this Europe Street Live tour has a deeper meaning to it as vocalist Someya and guitarist Miyata’s fathers are a flamenco guitarist and a flamenco dancer. Because of this, they’re final destination on this tour will be Madrid, Spain. Even before Someya and Miyata were born, their fathers trained together in Spain. In this sense, this tour will also be one where they will be going back to their roots. It will be exciting to anticipate the “FUNKIST Tour 2013 Japarican Gypsy” especially after knowing that they will be gaining a lot from this Europe tour.

The LIVE Band FUNKIST will be taking an additional step forward. Look forward to more from the amazing band, FUNKIST.

The footage of FUNKIST’s Europe Street LIVE tour will be streaming live on Ustream. The very first streaming has occurred on May 7th at around 7pm, and it was footage from before their departure from the airport and comments on how they feel about the tour. There will be more footage coming on Ustream from their Europe tour showing the different countries they will perform in.

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